To be played on Tuesday, 8 November 2022
at West Kilbride (Main)

Singles, Regular Stroke Play competition. Handicap allowance: 95% of Tee Handicap.

The following entries have been received:

Tee TimePlayer 1Player 2Player 3
08:30Fox, Graham (pro) McLatchie, Colin Anderson, Colin 
08:38Smallwood, James (pro) McMahon, Bill Ross, Iain 
08:46Catlin, Scott (pro) Caddis, Ross (pro) Orton, Adrian 
08:54Pottinger, Martin (pro) Rushbury, John Clift, Andy 
09:02Houlden, Stuart (pro) McCaw, Alan Malcolm, Alasdair 
09:10Welsh, Alan (pro) Gallacher, Kenny Moultrie, Paul 
09:18McConnochie, Ian McPherson, James Watters, Derek (Pro) 
09:34Muir, Robbie (pro) Greer, Frank Smith, Dale 
09:42Burns, Jim Robinson, Chris (pro)  
09:50O’Donnell, Anthony (pro) Fagan, Joe O’Hara, Paul (pro) 
09:58Kyle, Alistair (pro) Catterson, Eric Gaughan, James 
10:06Walker, Archie Douglas, Brian Christian, Raymond 
10:14Crawford, George Stewart, Neal Elliott, Campbell Pro) 
10:22Sloan, Renny Leitch, John Allan, David 
10:30Scott, Duncan Armour, Andy McKenzie, Chris 
10:38Geraghty, John Boland, Brendan Smith, Gerry 
10:46Ronald, Craig (pro) Thomson, Peter Mcdonald, John 
10:54Wallace, Iain Lappin, Mark Burns, Hugh 
11:02Miller, Peter Wordsworth, David  
11:10Smart, Jim Cooper, David  
11:18Peddie, Colin Bisset, Scott Shaw, Stewart 
11:34McGill, Tom Clark, Gordon Martin, Gordon 
11:42Miller, Scott Miller, Harry Craig, Frank 

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