2nd Update


  TUESDAY 1st FEB 2022
1Iain RossLenzie G C
 Colin AndersonHaggs Castle G C
8..38David Ross NicolDundonald Links
2Jim McCullaghKilmarnock Barassie G C
8.46Martin PottingerAffordable Golf
3Robert GoodfellowWest Kilbride G C
 Dale SmithLargs G C
8.54Michael Patterson 
4Raymond ChristianRoyal Troon G C
 Christopher GallagherKilmacolm G C
9.02Nick Gardiner 
5John RushburyRoyal Troon G C
 Alasdair MalcolmPrestwick St Cuthbert G C
9.10Chris RobinsonPortpatrick G C
6James McPhersonCathcart Castle G C
 Ian McConnochieRoyal Troon G C
9.18Anthony O’DonnellLargs G C
7Christopher CurrieGlasgow G C
 Duncan ScottRoyal Troon G C
9.26John GreeneCowglen G C
8John WattPrestwick St Cuthbert G C
 Adrian OrtonKilmarnock Barassie G C
9.34Scott CatlinAffordable Golf
9John  LeitchHaggs Castle G C
 Peter ThomsonRTGC  KBGC
9.42David AllanHaggs Castle G C
10Jim DavidsonLoudoun Gowf
 Allan PatersonGlasgow G C
9.50Ronan JohnstonHaggs Castle G C
11Ian JohnstonGlasgow G C
 Evan McGrathBothwell Castle G C
9.58Colin McLatchieWest Kilbride G C
12Ian KerrKilmacolm G C
 Alan GallHaggs Castle G C
13Brian DouglasBothwell Castle G C
 Chris McKenzieSandyhills G C
10.14John LappinPortland Course
14Anthony CecchiniRoyal Troon G C
10.22Mark LappinRoyal Troon G C
15Brian StricklandIrvine G C
 James GaughanCowglen G C
10.30James Johnston 
16Neal StewartHaggs Castle G C
 George CrawfordHaggs Castle G C
10.38Alistair KyleTurnberry G C
17Eric CattersonRoyal Troon G C
 Ken PerstonHaggs Castle G C
10.46Colin PeddieKirkintilloch G C
18Thomas ThomsonHaggs Castle G C
 Paul McKennaCathkin Braes G C
10.54Gordon ClarkLoudoun Gowf
19Alastair ConnelCawder G C
 John McDonaldCowglen G C
11.02David WordsworthIrvine G C
20Frank DrumCowglen G C
 Tom McGillGlasgow G C
11.10John CameronCathkin Braes G C
21Frank CraigHamilton G C
 Harry MillerRoyal Troon G C
11.18Steven ShawRoyal Troon G C
22David CooperInnellan G C
 Donald MackayCarrick G C

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