Membership Application Forms

Can I respectfully ask you to use the attached form when proposing a prospective member.
It would be helpful if the form was completed and forwarded to me by the applicant.
In the past I have had a significant number of referrals to whom I have requested the Form be completed but only to receive no response.
Keep safe


5 thoughts on “Membership Application Forms

  1. Frank Greer says:

    I currently play golf and know a few of the current members and would like to be considered for membership, however was not sure whether applications are taken at this stage of the season?

    I would appreciate clarification and some guidance on the application process. If membership would be considered could you please forward an application form which I assume will be required to have proposer sign?

    Best Wishes


      • Graham Fleming says:

        I have sent in application to join with Eric Catterson (RoyalTroon) and James Gaughan (Cowglen) as my proposers. I am a member at Paisley Golf Club aged 59 and play off a handicap of 7.1 . If you are looking for any late replacements this campaign please let me know. Many Thanks
        Regards Graham Fleming


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