Full Covid protocols are in place the clubhouse is closed other than for use of the toilet facilities.
In regard to completed scorecards there will be a box within the “vestibule” in which to deposit same.
The cards obviously have to rest for a period before being handled and results “published” 
I will issue an update on Sunday afternoon/evening. clarifying the then position.
In regard to the Proposal in respect of Amateurs playing Stableford format this was passed in the majority of votes.
As requested in my previous emails minimal contact will be expected and therefore entry fees should be paid into AWGA account prior to Monday.
Thanks for your co-operation.
Keep Safe



8..30Graham FoxClydeway Golf
1Ian McConnochieRoyal Troon G C
8..38Michael Patterson 
2John RushburyRoyal Troon G C
 Blair MortonRoyal Troo G C
8.46Martin Pottinger 
3Raymond ChristianRoyal Troon G C
 Bill McMahonIrvine G C
8.54Jim DavidsonLoudoun Gowf
4Colin AndersonHaggs Castle G C
 Peter ThomsonKilmarnock arassie G C
9.02Alan WelshCathkin Braes G C
5John GreeneCowglen G C
 Brian DouglasBothwell Castle G C
9.10Mark LappinRoyal Troon  G C
6Alistair KyleTurnberry
 Anthony CecchiniRoyal Troon G C
9.26Jonny RobertsonWilliamwood G C
8Tom RogersCaldwell G C
 James McPhersonCathcart Castle G C
9.34Alasdair MalcolmPrestwick St Cuthbert G C
9John WattPrestwick St Cuthbert G C
 Keith RossGlasgow G C
9.42David-Ross NicolDundonald Links
10Gerry SmithRoyal Troon G C
 Chris McKenzieSandyhills G C
9.50Mark Mason 
11Chris CurrieGlasgow G C
 Ian Johnston 
9.58Steven MaxwellPaisley G C
12Ian Kerr 
 Iain Ross 
10.06Colin McLatchieWest Kilbride G C
13Tom CraigHaggs Castle G C
 Alan GalHaggs Castle G C
10.14Anthony O’DonnellLargs G C
14David AllanHaggs Castle G C
 Robert GoodfellowWest Kilbride G C
10.22Fraser McKenna 
15Ken PerstonHaggs Castle G C
 John LeitchHaggs Castle G C
10.30Neal StewartHaggs Castle G C
16David WordsworthIrvine G C
 George CrawfordHaggs Castle G C
10.38Jack McDonald 
17Alistair ConnelCawder G C
 Gordon ClarkLoudoun Gowf
10.46James CaldwellKilmarnock Barassie G C
18Joe DevlinWest Kilbride G C
 Tommy ThomsonHaggs Castle G C
10.54Paul O’HaraN Lanarkshire Leisure
19Colin PeddieKirkintilloch G C
 Scott BissetKirkintilloch G C
11.02Scott CatlinAffordable Golf
20Evan McGrath 
 John LappinPortland Course
11.10Paul McKennaCathkin Braes G C
21John KellyN Lanarkshire Leisure
 Peter Miller 
11.26Stuart FisherPortpatrick G C
23Brian Strickland 
 Allan PatersonGlasgow G C
11.34Lee Hughes 
24Christopher Gallagher 
 Ronnie KyleKilmarnock Barassie G C
11.42Bryan WhartonClydeway Golf
25Gordon BrechinPollok G C
 Tom McGillGlasgow G C
11.50Scott MillerRoyal Troon G C
26Harry MillerRoyal Troon G C
 Frank CraigHamilton G C
11.58David MackayRoyal Troon G C
27David CooperInellan G C
 Steven ShawRoyal Troon G C
12.06Jonny SharpCarrick
28John McDonaldCowglen G C
 Callum GorrieKilmarnock Barassie G C
12.14Jim McCullaghKilmarnock Barassie G C
29Dale SmithLargs G C
 Frank DrumCowglen G C

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