Notes to renewal Letter season 2020-21

Annual General Meeting

Although no Agm was held a proposal was received and its tenor had been voiced throughout the season.   PROPOSAL  All amateur competitors play stableford not strokeplay format.

Normally this would be voted on at Agm as owing to exceptional circumstances I will be pleased to receive rejections of the Proposal otherwise it must be considered approved. 


The accounts reflect a surplus however it should be noted that one Competition was not held and subsequently played in March and will be shown in the next Financial Year commencing 1/3/2020.

Current Prize Money and Subsciptions

I have been requested to outline the various Prizes awarded.

Amateur per Competition (6) £150 in vouchers                                        £900 

Amateur Order of Merit                                                                         £100

Senior Amateur Order of Merit                                                              £45

Professional/Trainees Per Competition (7) £490             £3,430

Professional Order of Merit                                           £200

Trainee Order of Merit                                                  £100

Pro-am  Team  3 Amateurs                                                                    £750

Pro am Team    ! Professional/Trainee                           £250

Amateur Subscriptions                                                                          £15336

Professional/Trainee Subscriptions/Entry Fees               £2,995

As there is a shortfall in Professional/Trainee Prize funds it would be appropriate to obviate further reduction in AWGA’s financial reserves by ensuring that the Prize Money is NO LESS than the subscriptions/entry fees received. The Professional/Trainee Subscriptions are=

Professional Subscription £175

Trainee Subscription £80

Professional Competition Entry Fee £35.

Additional Competitions and Amateur Membership Fee

 As Dundonald Links will not be available to be played in February an alternative venue is being sought. Dundonald Links is Available to be played on 22nd October 2020.

This will result in 8 Competitions and regretfully will incur a subscription increase of £25 resulting in an Amateur Subscription of £250.

To compensate for the lost Pro-am a Competition can be held at Gailes on 12th October 2020. Therby giving 9 Competitions for this season.

It has been suggested that Competitions be held in December or January to reduce the non golfing period in our Calendar and this will be explored.  However crucial factors are daylight hours coupled with pace of play. We can considerably influence the latter.

Amateur Membership Registration

As previously requested it would be appreciated if Amateur Members would confirm by 1st September if they intend to renew their Membership.

Subscription fees should be paid by 1st October if unpaid the Membership will deemed to be resigned.

Proposed Fixtures


The Competition Entry system will continue through the use of the doodle voting system.

Magic 2’s

As last season this will be included in the subscription fee and will be over 2 categories = scratch to 9 and 10+.


Please text secretary on 07754892608 


It continues to be a major bone of annoyance that there is evidence of SLOW PLAY.

This is something we can all address by taking on board a few steps such as if in doubt as to your shot play a provisional ball thereby avoiding a walk back to replay.  As Amateur Competitions will be stableford pick up if you are not scoring.  Let you fellow players know if your game could be moving quicker. This is not rude or discourteous it is practical advice.

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