Just a few REMINDERS.

PLEASE let me know by text 07754892608 if you have to call off.

Dress Code – Golf Ready. 

Tee off time –  1st tee – please ensure you are there ( 1st tee ) before your allotted time in order to avoid delay.
Clubhouse etiquette – Please treat the Clubhouse Lounges and Locker area with due respect.
Preferred lies are in operation in all AWGA events.

In addition to the above, any ball plugged (outwith a hazard) may be lifted and dropped without penalty.


8.40Graham FoxJohn Rushbury
1Alasdair MalcolmJim Davidson
8.50Fraser McKennaIan McConnochie
2Tom RogersJames McPherson
9.00Jordan FraserAlan McCaw
3Iain RossColin Anderson
9.10Jonny MullaneyAdrian Orton
4Eric CattersonJames Gaughan
9.20Michael StewartDavid Kellock
5Jonathan d’AguilarAllan Paterson
9.30Michael PatersonKen Perston
6Ryan CoplandGeorge Crawford
9.40Alistair KyleBlair Morton
7Chris McKenzieThomas Thomson
9.50Scott CatlinDavid Allan
8Stewart ShawTom Craig
10.00Jack McDonaldJoe Devlin
9John GreeneRobert Goodfellow
10.10Ian GrahamJohn Leitch
10Colin PeddieScott Bisset
10.20David-Ross NicolJohn Lappin
11Mark Lappint.b.c
10.30Campbell ElliottJohn Cameron
12Neal StewartJohn Smith
10.40Stuart HouldenRaymond Christian
13Brian StricklandJohn Gilligan
10.50Stephen GrayRobert Butler
14Alistair ConnellGordon Clark
11.00Ronan JohnstonPeter Miller
15Paul McKennat.b.c
11.10Danny GilbertJim McCullagh
16Brian DouglasChristopher Gallagher
11.20Nick GardinerFrank Drum
17Ian KerrDavid Wordsworth
11.30Anthony O’DonnellJohn McDonald
18David Mackayt.b.c
11.50Paul McKechnieTom McGill
20Bill McMahonKeith Ross
12.00Lee HughesDavid Cooper
21Steven ShawColin McLatchie

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