Just a few REMINDERS.

Jacket and Ties are a requirement for arrival and departure of Prestwick Golf Club.

PLEASE let me know by text 07754892608 if you have to call off.

Dress Code – Golf Ready. Jacket and tie code for Prestwick and Western Gailes Golf Courses only.
Tee off time –  1st tee – please ensure you are there ( 1st tee ) before your allotted time in order to avoid delay.
Clubhouse etiquette – Please treat the Clubhouse Lounges and Locker area with due respect.
Preferred lies are in operation in all AWGA events.

In addition to the above, any ball plugged (outwith a hazard) may be lifted and dropped without penalty.

Prestwick Tee Times

8..30David FlemingPrestwick G C
1Bill McMahonIrvine G C
 Colin AndersonHaggs Castle G C
8..37Jordan FraserPrestwick G C
2Allan McCawGlasgow G C
 Ryan CoplandKilmarnock Barassie G C
8.44Michael PattersonWilliamwood G C
3Steve ForrestEast Kilbride G C
 Colin McLatchieWest Kilbride G C
8.58Graham FoxClydeway Golf
5Allan PatersonGlasgow G C
 John RushburyRoyal Troon G C
9.12Jonny MullaneyUnattached
7James DavidsonLoudoun Gowf G C
 Alasdair J MalcolmPrestwick St Cuthbert G C
9.19Michael StewartTroon Welbeck
8Adrian OrtonTurnberry G C
 Ian JohnstonGlasgow G C
9.26Ian McconnochieRoyal Troon G C
9James McPhersonCathcart Castle G C
 Thomas RogersCaldwell G C
9.40Alistair KyleTurnberry
11Ian KerrGlasgow G C
 David WordsworthIrvine G C
9.47Lee Hughes 
12Keith RossGlasgow G C
 Gordon ClarkLoudoun Gowf G C
9.54Callum BeveridgeGailes Golf & Leisure
13Blair MortonRoyal Troon G C
 Alastair ConnellCawder G C
10.01Ken PerstonHaggs Castle G C
14John GreeneCowglen G C
 Robert ButlerPollok G C
10.08Scott CatlinAffordable Golf
15Mark LappinRoyal Troon G C
 Anthony CecchiniRoyal Troon G C
10.15Tom CraigHaggs Castle G C
16David AllanHaggs Castle G C
 John LeitchHaggs Castle G C
10.22Ian Graham 
17Robert GoodfellowWest Kilbride G C
 Duncan ScottRoyal Troon G C
10.30David-Ross NicolDundonald Links G C
18Eric CattersonRoyal Troon G C
 Stewart ShawKirkintilloch G C
10.38Nick Gardiner 
19James GaughanCowglen G C
 Joe DevlinWest Kilbride G C
10.46Colin PeddieKirkintilloch G C
20.00Stuart HouldenEast Kilbride G C
 Iain RossLenzie G C
11.02Tom McGillGlasgow G C
22Raymond ChristianRoyal Troon G C
 Brian StricklandIrvine G C
11.10Matthew BurtWilliamwood G C
28Brian DouglasBothwell Castle G C
 Paul McKennaCathkin Braes G C
11.18Peter MillerDundonald Links G C
24David CooperInnellan G C
 Steven ShawRoyal Troon G C
11.26Scott MillerRoyal Troon G C
25Frank CraigHamilton G C
 David MackayRoyal Troon G C
11.34James CaldwellKilmarnock Barassie G C
26Frank DrumCowglen G C
 Jim McCullaghKilmarnock Barassie G C
11.42John GilliganGlasgow G C
27John McDonaldCowglen G C
 Raymond BayneIrvine G C

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