The updated draw for this seasons opening fixture at the KING ROBERT THE BRUCE is as follows.

1 8.09 Graham Fox Clydeway Golf
Tommy Thomson Haggs Castle G C
2 8.17 Lee Hughes Ayr Belleisle G C
David Wordsworth Irvine G C
3 8.25 Jordan Fraser Prestwick G C
Jim Davidson Loudoun Gowf G C
Colin McLatchie West Kilbride G C
4 8.33 Gareth Hardy Prestwick St Nicholas G C
James Gaughan Cowglen G C
Eric Catterson Royal Troon G C
5 8.41 Mark Mason Prestwick St Nicholas G C
Colin Anderson Haggs Castle G C
Blair Morton Royal Troon G C
6 8.49 Brian Strickland Glasgow G C
Gerry Smith Royal Troon G C
Duncan Scott Royal Troon G C
7 8.57 Bill McMahon Irvine G C
John McDonald Cowglen G C
Jonathan d’Aguilar Glasgow G C
8 9.05 John Greene Cowglen G C
Steve Forrest East Kilbride G C
Frank Drum Cowglen G C
9 9.13 Michael Patterson Williamwood G C
Ryan Copland Kilmacolm G C
Anthony Cecchini Royal Troon G C
10 9.21 David Ross Nicol Dundonald Links G C
Alistair Nicol Portland Troon G C
John Rushbury Royal Troon G C
11 9.29 Martin Pottinger American Golf
Robert Butler Pollok G C
Alasdair Malcolm Prestwick St Cuthbert G C
12 9.37 Jonny Mullaney Unattached
Mark Lappin Dundonald Links G C
John Watt Prestwick St Cuthbert G C
13 9.45 Stuart Fisher Portpatrick G C
Neal Stewart Haggs Castle G C
Ian Johnston Glasgow G C
14 9.53 George Crawford Haggs Castle G C
David Allan Haggs Castle G C
Ken Perston Haggs Castle G C
15 10.01 John Leitch Haggs Castle G C
Alan Paterson Glasgow G C
Tom Craig Haggs Castle G C
16 10.09 Ronan Johnston Haggs Castle G C
Iain Ross Lenzie G C
Keith Ross Glasgow G C
17 10.17 John Smith Cathkin Braes G C
John Cameron Cathkin Braes G C
Raymond Bayne Irvine G C
18 10.25 Joe Devlin West Kilbride G C
Ian Kerr Kilmacolm G C
Robert Goodfellow West Kilbride G C
19 10.33 Anthony O’Donnell Largs G C
Colin Peddie Kirkintilloch G C
Stewart Shaw Kirkintilloch G C
20 10.41 Ian Graham Crow Wood G C
James McPherson Cathcart Castle G C
Gary Kane Kirkintilloch G C
21 10.49 Tom McGill Glasgow G C
Raymond Christian Glasgow G C
John Gilligan Glasgow G C
22 10.57 Fraser McKenna Caldwell G C
Ian McConnochie Royal Troon G C
Thomas Rogers Caldwell G C
23 11.05 Stuart Houlden East Kilbride G C
Gordon Clark Loudoun Gowf G C
Alistair Connel Cawder G C
24 11.13 Nick Gardner Cawder G C
Jim McCullagh Kilmacolm G C
Brian Douglas Kilmacolm G C
25 11.21 David Mackay Royal Troon G C
Alan McCaw Glasgow G C
Donald Mackay Cowal G C
26 11.29 James Caldwell Kilmarnock Barassie G C
David Cooper Cowal G C
Steven Shaw Loch Lomond G C
27 11.37 Matthew Burt Williamwood G C
Paul McKenna Cathkin Braes G C
Adrian Orton Trump Turnberry
28 11.45 Danny Gilbert Dundonald Links G C
Peter Miller Dundonald Links G C
Craig Morgan Western Gailes G C
29 11.53 Campbell Elliott Haggs Castle G C
Harry Miller Royal Troon G C
Frank Craig Hamilton G C
Scott Miller Royal Troon G C

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